We are incredibly excited to bring you this year’s digital version of the I Do Jamaica Magazine.
This year we had to do many things differently. I Do Jamaica Magazine suspended the print edition of its annual issue and, instead, created a special digital moment with contributions from advertisers and its wedding industry from around Jamaica.
2020 has definitely changed weddings and moving forward into 2021 like in all industries; brands are re-adapting and changing their strategies to the exceptional moment we are living. We are learning how wedding businesses can survive and thrive with forward-thinking marketing strategies and connecting with our audiences as much as possible to ensure we can act and react in meaningful ways.
The Jamaican Wedding industry has been impacted greatly by the pandemic and it is more vital than ever for smart, interactive and elevated experiences to be provided. It is important for I Do Jamaica to document this time — not to reflect it, but to help shape positive future narratives around Jamaica and its wedding industry in light of the crisis.
We need to be more digital than ever, being present through our websites and social media channels, being able to connect emotionally and interact with brides during this lockdown time. With the effects of the CoronaVirus, now is the time for the industry to embrace technology and provide a seamless experience for their Brides online.
I Do Jamaica Magazine is the ultimate place for brides-to-be to research and plan their big day. At the forefront of destination wedding trends in Jamaica, it delivers inspiring and fresh content to guide users on everything from planning, venues, honeymoons and so much more!
Enjoy I Do Jamaica Magazine Digital Edition!